2020 Danica Seleskovitch Prize — Call for nominations

Prestigious award granted every two years for outstanding service to the interpreting profession or original research in translation studies.

Danica Seleskovitch

The thirteenth Danica Seleskovitch Prize will be awarded by the Danica Seleskovitch Association in 2020.

The Prize was established in 1991 to carry forward the work of Danica Seleskovitch and is awarded to professional conference interpreters and translation scholars.

Your contribution is essential.

It is your privilege to nominate a candidate in recognition of their outstanding service to the interpreting profession or their original research in translation studies.

If you would like to nominate a colleague who meets these criteria and would be worthy of the Prize, we would be delighted to receive your application.

Nominations for the 2020 Prize should be submitted to the Association by September 30, 2019 at the latest. The award ceremony will take place early in 2020 in the Danica Seleskovitch Lecture Hall at the Ecole Supérieure d'Interprètes et de Traducteurs (ESIT), University of Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle.

The value of the Prize is €2,000.

List of previous laureates:       

1992    Walter Keiser
1994    Philippe Séro-Guillaume
1996    Gérard Ilg
1999    Jungwha Choi
2002    Marianne Lederer
2016    Myriam de Beaulieu
2005    Jennifer Mackintosh and Christopher Thiéry
2007    Renée Van Hoof-Haferkamp
2009    Miriam Shlesinger
2012    Ingrid Kurz
2014    Christiane Driesen
2018    Luigi Luccarelli

Please send your nomination[1] in the form of a full and detailed application file and a list of supporting colleagues[2] to the following address:



[1] If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your application, please send it again or contact the Association.

[2] Only those nominations accompanied by full and detailed supporting documentation will be considered. Colleagues should refrain from nominating themselves.

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