Life-long learning to keep you at the top of your game

Continuous professional development – CPD – is on the PRIMS Montreal agenda on Sunday 25 August. It is always a good time to boost your skills!

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“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
Albert Einstein

As professional interpreters and AIIC members we have demonstrated our competences, training, abilities and professionalism. But that is not enough! 

In order to ensure that we continue to grow, to improve, and to stay up to date with new developments, it is important that we continue to develop our skills, throughout our career.

As Andy Gillies, Coordinator of the AIIC Training & Professional Development (ATPD) group, has pointed out, continued professional development (CPD) “is a win-win” — gaining valuable skills, while helping to strengthen interpreters’ networks and leading to new professional opportunities.

Fortunately, AIIC provides plenty of CPD opportunities, with a wide range of AIIC-hosted training events offered regularly across the globe, and giving access to external providers.  

A session on CPD at the AIIC PRIMS Montreal meeting will explore ways in which interpreters can continue to boost their interpreting prowess. 

Virtual opportunities

Alexander Drechsel, AIIC interpreter and co-host of the Troublesome Terps podcast, will examine how remote technologies — such as online courses, webinars and feedback training requests — can provide the benefits of CPD while fitting into interpreters’ busy schedules. 

Practice makes perfect

Deliberate practice involves setting time aside for goal-focused exercises, with the aim of improving and refining one’s skills.  Elisabet Tiselius, senior lecturer in Interpreting studies at Stockholm University, will look at how deliberate practice in interpreting plays an important role in improving our professional capabilities.

Practice spaces – virtual and actual

InterpretimeBank draws together these two threads: it is an online space that facilitates deliberate practice.  Brussels-based Nuria Campoy will introduce the platform that connects interpreters to form a network for peer-to-peer collaboration in deliberate practice and continuous learning. Users can accrue time by assisting their peers, which they can then “spend” by receiving assistance.

Another example of peer-to-peer collaboration for deliberate practice and CPD – although this time in person – can be found in the Interpreters in Brussels Practice Group. Federica Mamini will be providing video input to the meeting, to talk about the group, and how its members provide peer feedback, help to build trust between colleagues, and strengthen a sense of collegiality.

And don’t forget – plenty of CPD opportunities in Montreal! 

Now that you’ve been reminded of how important it is to engage in continuous professional development, and how much fun it can be, be sure to check the line-up of training sessions planned by AIIC Canada alongside the PRIMS Montreal meeting. 

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